Payment Plans

As with all business decisions the most important factor always comes back to cost and affordability.

This is the main reason why we have developed our own small system stands that offer all the benefits of a much larger bespoke build but for a fraction of the cost.

The cost of one of our stands is perfect for smaller exhibitors who want to step away from shell scheme and show their company to the best of our ability.

Full breakdown of costs and stand description

A 3 metre by 3 metre stand with a fixed budget and a 6 month payment plan.

Full cost of stand at any uk venue £3,000.00+vat
Paid over 6 months at £500.00+vat per month.

These are the best terms available by any uk contractor.

What you get


  • Choice of over 10 different carpets or 5 different wood vinyls
  • All walling is made from 9mm mdf, much stronger than all foamex panels to allow you to fix anything to walls as you wish to.
  • All walls are full digital print art work. No joints or lines as the entire wall is one large banner. You supply any art work and you can use all the wall space to promote your brand.
  • All lighting is included
  • A choice of chairs in 6 different colours
  • A table
  • One set of three chairs and one table per stand
  • A small reception counter if required.
  • Full installation


All your risk assessments and method statements taken care off. Electrical supply is exhibitors responsibility but we will advise you on requirements.

Get a quote for your stand in UK and see how easy it is.

“I guarantee that we will not take on more than 3 stands at any one show… We believe control is key and by limiting our own volume of work we maintain strict control of our builds and our quality. My company has been set up to provide the most cost effective and secure method for smaller exhibitors to promote their company.

In business we all want to succeed and all want to see profit. I truly believe my new approach to supplying stands will make exhibiting a better experience for all involved.

I look forward to meeting you.”

Craig Grosvenor
Fixed cost exhibitions.

Please take a look at our photo gallery to see the use of banner wrap walling and the finish of our work.